Energy Policy Simulator

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The model reports outputs at annual intervals with an initial year of 2015 and a final year of 2030. The model provides numerous outputs, including: Emissions of 12 pollutants, direct cash flow impacts, social benefits, the composition and output of the electricity sector, and energy use by fuel type
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Energy Innovation Policy and Technology LLC

The Energy Policy Simulator (EPS) is a free and open-source computer model created by Energy Innovation LLC. You can use a version of the model on this website through your web browser. For the ability to see and edit the model structure and data, and to use advanced features, you will need to download the model and run it locally on your Mac or Windows PC. The EPS allows the user to control 58 different policies that affect energy use and emissions in various sectors of the economy (such as a carbon tax, fuel economy standards for vehicles, reducing methane leakage from industry, and accelerated R&D advancement of various technologies). The model is designed to operate at national scale and includes every major sector of the economy: transportation, electricity supply, buildings, industry (including agriculture), and land use.

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