Financing intersectoral action for women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health (WCAH) and well-being, with a focus on climate change

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World Health Organization (WHO)

This Board paper summarizes current evidence on the linkages between women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health (WCAH) financing and climate financing and draws out opportunities for co-financing and associated challenges. Given the very scarce literature at the interface between WCAH and climate financing, the focus is on health and climate financing and on wider experiences with co-financing models for health and other sectors, teasing out the specific lessons for WCAH. The evidence review methods are set out in the Annex.

The specific objectives of the paper are to:

A. Examine the impact of climate change and climate hazards on health and WCAH financing
B. Describe existing co-financing models/intersectoral financing for health and other sectors
C. Document experience of financing arrangements which target climate and health-related goals
D. Draw lessons and recommendations to inform future WCAH and climate financing.

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