Corporate Environmental Action Tracker (CEAT)

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Launched in 2023, the CDP Corporate Environmental Action Tracker is part of CDP’s wider aim to make its data public and more accessible. The interactive tool gives companies, capital markets and the public access to an aggregated environmental data set. Users can explore the data to inform decisions and understand corporate progress since 2019 towards commitments disclosed through CDP. The tracker also offers insight into the potential impact of achieving or missing those targets.

The tracker shows the status of action taken on climate by companies disclosing through CDP. The transition journey is broken down into six steps with a series of indicators to measure progress at global, country/area, financial index and sector levels. Results are shown by reporting year preceding the questionnaire/disclosure year which the analysis is based on. For example, the data shown as reporting year 2021 are derived from questionnaire responses from the 2022 disclosure cycle.

Future iterations of the tracker will bring together CDP’s environmental data, allowing stakeholders to take a holistic approach to tackling the climate and nature crises.