Quality Criteria for Health National Adaptation Plans

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Least Developed Countries (LDCs)
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Disaster Risk Reduction
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World Health Organization (WHO)

The Quality Criteria for Health National Adaptation Plans (HNAPs) presents examples of good practice in HNAP development to assist countries in developing a comprehensive, feasible and implementable plan. The criteria are also intended to guide countries in setting the foundation for a long-term iterative HNAP process. The proposed criteria are not prescriptive and should be adapted to dynamic country contexts, uncertain and changing climatic conditions, and new knowledge and technologies. The quality criteria for HNAPs covers six topic areas: 1) Leadership and enabling environment, 2) Cross-sectoral coordination and policy coherence, 3) Comprehensive coverage of climate-sensitive health risks, 4) Comprehensive coverage of adaptation options and actions, 5) Resourcing, 6) Monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

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