UKCIP Adaptation Wizard

Expertise Level
Resource Type
Analysis Tools
Inputs Needed
Understanding of how decisions are made within a user's organization and how to create change
In-house experience and evidence of consequences of past weather events on organization or activity
Climate change scenarios
Socio-economic scenarios
Tools or techniques for costing climate impacts and evaluation adaptation options
Outputs Provided
Adaptation strategy document including record of a user's climate vulnerability
prioritized list of climate risks
Possible adaptation measures
Adaptation options appraisal
Implementation strategy
Developer or Source
UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP)

The UKCIP Adaptation Wizard is a tool to help organizations adapt to climate change. Through a 5-step process it helps users to assess organizational vulnerability to current climate and future climate change; identify options to address key climate risks; and develop and implement a climate change adaptation strategy. Each stage of the UKCIP Adaptation Wizard is supported by additional information, tools and resources available from UKCIP, which have been specifically designed to help organizations plan how to adapt. The UKCIP Adaptation Wizard recognizes adaptation as a continuous, iterative process rather than an end point to be reached.

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