Guidelines for Building a National Landscape of Climate Finance

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Guidance and Frameworks
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Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)

This document draws on CPI’s experience developing several national landscapes of climate finance in various countries throughout the past ten years. While not a comprehensive instruction manual, CPI hopes that this will help guide government officials and practitioners looking to track climate finance using our Landscape approach. Throughout this document, they aim to provide answers to some of the key questions that may emerge at different stages when completing a national climate finance tracking exercise. This document borrows from the Land-use Finance Tool (EFI and CPI, 2018), developed by the European Forest Institute and CPI, expanding from land use sectors to all major mitigation and adaptation sectors.

In this document, CPI outlines the process for developing a national climate finance landscape in four steps. By working through each step, countries will learn key insights to how, when, and from whom finance is flowing towards climate action. Figure 2 summarizes the objectives and key parameters for each step. Early consideration of the desired outcomes of the landscape of climate finance work will help to focus analytical efforts including scope and approach.

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