Financial arrangements for addressing losses and damages: A disaster risk reduction primer

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Disaster Risk Reduction
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Guidance and Frameworks
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Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR)

In this report, a preliminary framework is offered for understanding existing loss and damage finance arrangements from a DRR perspective and identifying gaps in coverage at the national level, using examples from low- and middle-income countries to show where these need to be strengthened and scaled up.

The report proposes a national loss and damage finance framework for extreme weather events and for slow-onset processes based around the following concepts:
• Risks can be avoided or un-avoided and they may, in certain circumstances, be unavoidable;
• Loss and damage can be economic or non-economic;
• Loss and damage can be direct (immediate) or indirect (knock-on effects), requiring different types of finance;
• The volumes of finance needed will increase over time.

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