National Tripartite Social Dialogue: An ILO guide for improved governance

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Guidance and Frameworks
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International Labour Organization (ILO)

This guide is a response to requests from International Labour Organization (ILO) constituents. It is meant to offer them a range of options when establishing a mechanism for National Tripartite Social Dialogue (NTSD) or when reinforcing the existing system. However, the guide is not meant to be a normative document. It draws on the stipulations of international labor standards and on the lessons learned and experience gained by the ILO over the years in promoting social dialogue and providing policy advice, capacity building and practical guidance to tripartite constituents in all regions of the world.

Social dialogue is a pressing issue for many ILO member States. Every year, the International Labour Office receives numerous requests from member States seeking advice on strengthening social dialogue institutions and mechanisms according to international labor standards and good international practices, to create an effective framework for NTSD.

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