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InfraCompass is a tool for infrastructure policy makers, it objectively quantifies the strength of the infrastructure enabling environment by aggregating data for 81 countries, collectively representing 93% of global GDP and 86% of the world population. It aims to help governments and policy specialists assess where a country is performing well and where there are opportunities for improvement, allowing them to identify policies that will lead to better public and private infrastructure investment. A key objective of InfraCompass is to assist countries to identify reforms that lead to better infrastructure investment. It does this by determining the fundamental variables that impact infrastructure outcomes in a country across eight drivers: 1) Governance, 2) Regulatory framework, 3) Permits, 4) Planning, 5) Procurement, 6) Activity, 7) Funding capacity, and 8) Financial Markets.

InfraCompass highlights how well countries perform against each of the eight drivers. This allows countries to identify benchmarks and understand examples of better practice from across the globe. Through regular updates to the rankings, InfraCompass can be used to identify the reforms that are having the greatest impact on infrastructure markets, and provide the data to incentivise continuous improvement and innovation in infrastructure practices.