Mastering National Adaptation Plans: from Start to Finish

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The National Adaptation Plan (NAPs) process was established under the Cancun Adaptation Framework (2010) in order to prepare countries for addressing climate risk in the medium term. The main objectives of the NAPs are to reduce vulnerability to climate change, and to mainstream climate change adaptation in all levels of planning. NAPs require building a stronger evidence base, improving skills and capacity and need to be country-driven, gender-sensitive, participatory, and use transparent approaches.

This course Mastering National Adaptation Plans: from Start to Finish course will introduce learners to several important aspects of the NAP process. It is aimed at enhancing knowledge of the NAP process elements, relevant issues such as gender and climate information in NAP Formulation and Implementation; and financing NAP processes. This interactive self-paced course will guide learners through various aspects of the NAP journey.