Financing local adaptation to climate change: Experiences with performance-based resilience grants

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Least Developed Countries (LDCs)
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This publication shares lessons learned and provides guidance from the experiences of LoCAL (UNCDF's LoCAL Climate Adaptive Living Facility) on the engagement of least developed countries (LDCs) in accessing finance to build climate resilience. The material is organized into 10 chapters: Chapter 1 introduces the mechanism and its rationale. Chapter 2 describes the steps entailed in assessing the context and conditions to establish a LoCAL initiative in a country; Chapter 3 reviews the key elements developed when designing the mechanism. Chapters 4–9 explore the various stages of a LoCAL cycle as it is integrated in the local public planning and budgeting cycle, specifically touching on climate assessments (Chapter 4), planning (Chapter 5), budgeting and financing (Chapter 6), implementation of adaptation measures (Chapter 7), performance assessments (Chapter 8) and national roll-out (Chapter 9). Chapter 10 describes options for the way forward. The publication aims to shed light on LoCAL as it moves towards becoming a standard, internationally recognized country-based mechanism, informing its expansion at the national level and in the many countries which have requested to participate in the programme.