Sustainable Aluminum Finance Framework

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Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)

The Sustainable Aluminum Finance Framework is an open-source reporting framework that supports banks’ ability to assess and disclose the alignment of their aluminum lending portfolios against a 1.5°C pathway. By equipping banks with a methodology, roadmaps, and solutions to access data, the Framework enables lenders to better support their clients’ decarbonization efforts and to demonstrate progress against their own climate objectives. The Framework has no sign-on requirements, and its implementation is voluntary.

Banks implementing the Framework will first measure the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity of their aluminum sector clients and then aggregate this data to the portfolio level to produce a portfolio alignment score (PAS) — a measure of the climate alignment of their aluminum lending portfolio. Banks disclose their aggregate sectoral PAS and relevant contextual information annually in their individual institutional reporting; client-level data remains confidential.

This document is organized in six parts:

• An overview of the reporting requirements for users of the Framework
• A description of the Framework’s reporting boundaries, which delineate the activities and processes whose GHG emissions aluminum sector clients and banks will be asked to report on
• A description of the methodology that financial institutions should follow to assess the climate alignment of their clients and lending portfolios when reporting under this Framework
• A description of the roadmaps, which serve as benchmarks to evaluate progress toward achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and limiting the global temperature rise to 1.5°C with no to low overshoot
• A description of the Framework’s financial scope, which defines the universe of clients and financings that should be reported on by users of the Framework
• An overview of how the Framework will be updated over time

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