Biogas Wastewater Assessment Technology Tool (BioWATT)

Sectors and Themes
Expertise Level
Resource Type
Analysis Tools
Inputs Needed
Average hydraulic load
Average inflow BODs concentration
Local GHG emissions for electricity generation
presence of UASB not collecting biogas
presence of anaerobic pond not collecting biogas
electricity tariff
sludge disposal unit cost
average labor cost
Outputs Provided
Biogas production estimate for wastewater-to-energy technologies
electricity generation potential from produced biogas
GHG savings
Wastewater treatment facility electricity demand met through biogas generated electricity
Design parameters of wastewater-to-energy project
Impact on facility operating expenses
Developer or Source
Global Methane Initiative (GMI)

Biogas Wastewater Assessment Technology Tool (BioWATT) provides a quick and preliminary assessment of wastewater-to-energy projects. Includes: (1) biogas production estimate for various wastewater-to-energy technologies, (2) electricity generation potential from the produced biogas, (3) greenhouse gas savings associated with biogas-generated electricity, (4) preliminary assessment of the wastewater treatment facilities electricity demand that can be met through biogas-generated electricity; (5) preliminary design parameters of major components of a wastewater-to-energy project, such as required digester volume, required gas holder volume, and total combined heat and power (CHP) electric power output, and (6) impact on a wastewater treatment facility operating expenses (OPEX) by investing in energy generation technology