Gender Tool Kit: Energy Going Beyond the Meter

East Asia and Pacific
Europe and Central Asia
South Asia
Sectors and Themes
Rural Development
Expertise Level
Resource Type
Guidance and Frameworks
Inputs Needed
Information on project
Existing gender issues and conditions
Decisions on gender targets
Outputs Provided
Information on importance of gender in the energy sector
integration into project cycle
gender analysis
entry points for gender in project design
gender targets and indicators for monitoring framework
Developer or Source
Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Gender Tool Kit: Energy Going Beyond the Meter assists staff and consultants of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in conceptualizing and designing gender-responsive projects in the energy sector. It guides users in key questions to be asked and data to be collected during project preparation. It also offers a menu of entry points in designing project outputs, activities, inputs, indicators, and targets that integrate key gender issues identified during the gender analysis. The toolkit is broken down into key subsectors of ADB's energy sector investments - transmission and distribution, rural electrification, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. Case studies from ADB energy projects have been included to illustrate good practices in mainstreaming gender in energy sector.

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