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The PROVIDE climate risk dashboard is an interactive online tool providing detailed information on different future global warming scenarios and expected impacts on the climate, natural, and human systems. The data covers indicators related to climate variables and extreme events as well as oceanic habitability around the globe, and urban heat stress at city level. More data on cryosphere loss, permafrost melt, agriculture, economic loss etc., is planned to be added later.

State-of-the-art assessments of overshoot scenarios are also included - in which average global temperatures would temporarily ‘overshoot’ the 1.5°C target of the Paris Agreement - before being brought back down again. Overshoot scenarios are prominent in the latest IPCC reports, but the specific risks inherent to them, including potentially irreversible impacts (such as species extinction), have so far been under-researched.

Users are able to set risk thresholds for heat stress in cities, for example, heatwaves or extremely high temperature levels that should be avoided, and then access information on the emissions scenarios under which the selected threshold can be avoided, or not.

The PROVIDE climate risk dashboard is being co-developed with stakeholders such as adaptation practitioners and the dashboard will eventually feature information on how it has been used for adaptation planning in various contexts to promote knowledge exchange.

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