The Resilient and Green Human Settlements Framework

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The Resilient and Green Human Settlements Framework (RGHSF) is a policy document that first, helps to restructure the way we view human settlements in the Philippines, particularly through the lens of climate change and disaster resilience.

Second, it provides guidance on using green development and a resilience-driven perspective to assess, develop, manage, and evaluate settlements and their component parts.

Finally, the RGHSF aims to be a useful reference for all actors involved in human settlements development, so that they can, together with the government, pursue an action-oriented paradigm shift that will result in safe, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable communities across the country.

This document begins with a brief discussion of the RGHSF's policy anchors and the challenges of human settlements that compel the government to draw up the framework. It then describes the framework, its elements, and key result areas relative to national goals and targets. The last section lists down enabling actions to guide and support stakeholders in the achievement of human settlement goals, and identifies organizations with primary responsibility for implementing these actions.

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