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The NDC Partnership is a global coalition, bringing together more than 200 members, including more than 120 countries, developed and developing, and nearly 100 institutions to deliver on ambitious climate action that helps achieve the Paris Agreement and drives sustainable development. We welcome your interest and participation.

We invite all committed stakeholders to seek opportunities to participate in country, regional, and global activities facilitated by the NDC Partnership and to utilize the knowledge tools and platforms available.




Countries, developed and developing



Ways to Engage

Please reach out to the NDC Partnership Support Unit to learn more about how to join our membership, support countries' climate action on the ground, contribute to our global, regional, and in-country knowledge and learning exchanges, participate in our events, and stay up to date on our regular communications by signing up for our newsletter.

Read Our Country Engagement Strategy

The Country Engagement Strategy guides our in-country work. The Strategy defines the structures, roles and approaches for catalyzing targeted changes. It builds on lessons learned, avoiding potential pitfalls identified from other experiences with partnerships and coordination.

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