Maladaptation Self-Assessment Checklist

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Regional Pathways to Climate Resilience (REGILIENCE)

Many tools provide support to plan good climate adaptation but neglect the risk of maladaptation checklist explicitly focuses on identifying potential risk factors for maladaptation when drafting and adopting an adaptation strategy or plan (which are used simultaneously in this checklist). Thereby, it helps to minimize the risk of maladaptive outcomes. Its objective is to help the staff of competent regional authorities and other organizations (e.g. consultants, businesses, civil society organizations) to avoid or reduce maladaptation risks in the planning phase of adaptation actions.

With this tool, you are guided through a checklist of 16 questions, each addressing a specific risk factor for maladaptation. By indicating 'yes/no/partially' in response to each question, you can assess the maladaptive potential of the planned adaptation strategy.