Mangrove Restoration Tracker Tool (MRTT)

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Global Mangrove Alliance (GMA)

Built into Global Mangrove Watch platform – the pre-imminent and most widely-recognized mangrove mapping tool – the one-of-a-kind Mangrove Restoration Tracker Tool (MRTT) will 1) significantly benefit mangrove restoration results by identifying and tracking success from past, present, and future mangrove restoration activities and 2) enable learning and information exchange between practitioners.

All different restoration approaches and projects covering single or multiple outcomes across the full array of ecological and socio-economic benefits of mangroves can be added to MRTT. The tool has a flexible structure designed to capture field and desk-based data on mangrove restoration projects in a standardized format and multiple and ongoing entries are possible within the Tool. For each project, there are three critical components integrated to report across the project lifetime:

1. Pre-restoration site baseline,

2. Restoration interventions,

3. Post-restoration monitoring.

Each section consists of several questions with multiple choice responses, with the intention that data providers can rapidly and comprehensively describe their project.