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Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)

The Climate Equity Reference Project (CERP) is a long-term initiative designed to provide scholarship, tools, and analysis to advance global climate equity – as a value in itself and as a realist path towards an ambitious global climate regime. The CERP is strongly rooted in current climate science, in particular the IPCC’s estimates of the remaining global carbon budget. It is also consistent with the UN Framework Convention’s core equity principles, which can be concisely stated as “a precautionary approach to adequacy,” “common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities,” and “equitable access to sustainable development.”

This site offers explanations of the CERP effort-sharing framework, as well as an online Climate Equity Reference Calculator that allows users to interactively explore user-defined implementations of that framework. Importantly, it also offers a set of INDC assessments that is based upon the outputs of that calculator. While these assessments are made relative to an indicative “equity band” that is bounded by two pre-defined “equity settings” (“High Equity” and “Low Equity”), the online Calculator allows, and indeed encourages, users to choose their own preferred equity settings.

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