Certified Expert for Climate Adaptation Finance

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FS-UNEP Collaborating Centre (UNEP & Frankfurt School)

A course designed to educate policymakers on climate adaptation finance beyond grant funding: where funding originates, how and where it moves, as well as the perspectives of businesses, investors, and policymakers. Aimed at both public and private sector practitioners, including entrepreneurs, project developers, private investors, consultants, and policy professionals, this course will use several real-world examples of adaptation projects, as well as identify various funds and funding opportunities. An interactive e-learning experience, this course includes video lectures, PDF scripts, exercises, online tests, and relevant case studies, as well as a discussion forum for course-related issues.

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FS-UNEP Collaborating Centre (UNEP & Frankfurt School)

Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Chatham House, FS-UNEP Collaborating Centre (UNEP & Frankfurt School)