Unlocking Legal Pathways for Blended Finance

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Guidance and Frameworks
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Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers (GAIL)

This Report leverages the expertise of over 40 lawyers from across 13 jurisdictions who have expertise in advising on blended finance structures, through a series of 8 blended finance working group meetings over the course of a year (2023 – 2024). Its aim is to support and facilitate an acceleration in the flow of capital for the good of people and the planet, in furtherance of the SDGs, by identifying and mapping the legal and regulatory barriers to blended finance and by sharing lessons, learnings and legal case studies from across the world.

The Report covers:
• A legal perspective on blended finance, including a review of deal typologies, jurisdictional drivers and expert Working Group observations on legal structures and techniques
• State of play articles – including the legal critiques and barriers in blended finance and EU regulatory issues (AIFMD II)
• Jurisdiction overviews on blended finance from ASEAN, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, France, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom and USA
• A List of case studies, including structure diagrams and key legal observations
• A list of reference publications and resources