ReACT: A Simplified Guide to Repurpose Coal Assets

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Climate Investment Funds (CIFs)

ReACT, A Simplified Guide to Repurpose Coal Assets conducts a deep dive into the retirement and repurposing of existing coal assets – mines and power plants – as the central piece of the solution to address energy security, just transition and stranded asset concerns. Specifically, this guide examines how to identify suitable coal power plants for repurposing, based on a broad range of technical, commercial, regulatory and socio-economic considerations (E.g., age of plant, cost of electricity, power purchase agreements, impact on jobs and local economies, among others). It also looks into repurposing assets with climate-smart alternatives across sectors such as clean energy generation, energy storage, green hydrogen production and other non-energy solutions. Finally, the report describes financing solutions involving public and private sector players, and how the consistent availability and increasing the scale of concessional finance are integral to strengthening financial structures to meet timely and ambitious coal transition goals across the world.