Readiness and Preparatory Support guidebook: A practical guide on how to prepare readiness proposals and how to implement readiness grants

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Green Climate Fund

GCF’s Readiness Programme is a crucial element of the Fund’s approach to ensuring country ownership and facilitating increased flows of climate finance. Developing countries can access Readiness resources to support capacity building, strategic frameworks, National Adaptation Plans and Adaptation Planning processes, the development of project and programme pipelines, and knowledge sharing and learning. The revised GCF Readiness Guidebook provides a complete overview of the Readiness Programme, including advice on how to develop and submit high-quality Readiness proposals and navigate challenges during grant implementation.

This guidebook is revised using the lessons learned and best practices in the development and implementation of Readiness support over the past six years. The revised guidebook provides an introduction to the Readiness Results Management Framework (RRMF). The RRMF is a framework that enables GCF and partners to design results-based interventions that contribute to the five board approved objectives for the country’s readiness on climate change resilience and low emission development, to track and measure the portfolio results against the five objectives supporting the readiness strategy, and to better capture results, in a consistent and coherent manner.