Gender Data Compass (GDC)

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Achieving gender equality demands unleashing the power of gender data. Gender data are the basis for informed decisions, policies, and actions. Gender impacts every facet of society – from economic growth to reproductive justice. With accurate and open gender data, we can better understand people's lived experiences and accelerate progress toward a more equitable world.

The Gender Data Compass (GDC) offers a broad perspective of gender data encompassing data collection, production, and use. By providing a comprehensive view of gender data systems, the GDC serves as a practical guide, offering direction and support to national statistical offices and their partners on their path to gender equality.

Gender Data Compass has five cardinal points to direct attention toward data availability, data openness, institutional foundations, technical and statistical capacity, and financing. The GDC assesses the current state of gender data and the ecosystem that enables governments to produce and use gender data.