Agriculture and Land Use National GHG Inventory and Mitigation Analysis Software Tool (ALU)

Sectors and Themes
Forestry and Other Land Use
Expertise Level
Resource Type
Analysis Tools
Inputs Needed
Type of agriculture or livestock management practice
Qualifying information about practice (e.g., hectares managed, amount of fertilizer, percent nitrogen)
Amount of product imported or exported
Outputs Provided
Emissions and removals associated with biomass C stocks
soil C stocks
soil nitrous oxide emissions
rice methane emissions
enteric methane emissions
manure methane and nitrous emissions
and nonCO2 GHG emissions from biomass burning. Generates emission reports and provides a long-term archive of data and results in digital format.
Developer or Source
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

The Agriculture and Land Use Greenhouse Gas Inventory (ALU) Software guides an inventory compiler through the process of estimating greenhouse gas emissions and removals related to agricultural and forestry activities. The software simplifies the process of conducting the inventory by dividing the inventory analysis into steps to facilitate the compilation of activity data, assignment of emission factors, and completion of the calculations. The software also has internal checks to ensure data integrity. Furthermore, the software program is designed to support an evaluation of mitigation potentials using the inventory data as a baseline for projecting emission trends associated with management alternatives.