The Futuring Tool: A Toolkit for Responding to the Demands of the Fridays for Future Movement (for Governments)

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Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS)

The Futuring Tool is designed to help governments reflect on and reform their governance processes to better respond to the Fridays for Future movement, youth calls for climate justice, and concerns for the future and future generations. It focuses on transforming governance processes, rather than being prescriptive regarding any specific policy, legislation, or sectoral approach. Focusing on questions like: What does it mean to take into account the well-being of future generations in how we deal with climate change? What is the role of and relationship to young people in this process? This tool brings together three core ideas – participation, integration and imagination. These ideas are essential to just future-making, and are elaborated in an accompanying policy brief (see Guidance Document). The tool is for use by people working in government, in any region or scale, and can be used in a team setting or by one individual. There is also another version of the tool designed specifically for non-governmental bodies, such as NGO’s, schools, universities and businesses. Further information and resources can be found on the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) website.

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