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Climate Finance

The NDC Partnership is uniquely positioned to bring together developing countries seeking climate finance, development partners, institutions and private investors to catalyze ambitious climate action.

Finance is the most frequently requested topic among members, with 85% of developing country members requesting finance-related support. The NDC Partnership Finance Strategy outlines service offerings to improve the flow of and access to finance for ambitious climate action.  By strengthening existing efforts on climate finance and bringing together some of the world's largest development finance institutions, the NDC Partnership is a catalytic platform for financing climate action.  

Our Approach

Leveraging NDC Partnership members' expertise and experience, the Support Unit is committed to enhancing access, management, and evaluation of climate finance to optimize public and private financial flows for climate-development impact.

This involves dedicated support to member countries and key stakeholders to collaboratively catalyze finance for impactful climate-development action. Additionally, the NDC Partnership cultivates a network to collectively improve climate finance architecture and financial flows, generating tangible and measurable climate and socio-economic impacts. Our approach is comprised of three building blocks:


Mainstreaming and Institutional Strengthening

Strengthen institutional capacities to adopt a holistic approach and increase the access and impact of climate finance.


Project & Program identification, matchmaking and intelligence on sources of finance

Facilitate the matching of impactful mitigation and adaptation investment projects & programs with resources from the NDC Partnership and beyond, and develop and disseminate information on sources of climate finance.


Systemic Change

Generate and disseminate knowledge to catalyze systemic improvements of the climate finance architecture.

Key Initiatives

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