DFI Transparency Index 2023

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Publish What You Fund

This is the first DFI Transparency Index, a comparative measure of the transparency of the world’s leading Development Finance Institutions (DFIs). Access the tool to see the results for non-sovereign (private sector) and sovereign (public sector) DFIs.

As global crises mount—from the social and economic fallout of COVID-19 to the
deepening climate crisis, to food insecurity compounded by the Russian invasion of
Ukraine—development finance institutions (DFIs) are increasingly being called upon to
address these issues. Although more resources are being funnelled through DFIs, it is a
challenge to know what investments are being made and the impact these are having.

The associated report presents the findings of Publish What You Fund’s first DFI Transparency Index. The DFI Transparency Index is a comparative measure of the transparency of thirty leading DFI portfolios. It assesses multilateral and bilateral institutions, and sovereign (public sector) and non-sovereign (private sector) operations.