Energy and Power Evaluation Program (ENPEP-BALANCE)

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Analysis Tools

Mitigation Methods and Tools in the Energy Sector by UNFCCC

Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Analysis Using ENPEP by IAEA

Inputs Needed
Energy system structure
Base-year energy statistics
Projected energy demand growth
Technical and policy constraints
Outputs Provided
Supply and demand curves
a set of market clearing prices and quantities
environmental residuals associated with a given energy system configuration
Developer or Source
Argonne National Laboratory

ENPEP-BALANCE is a nonlinear equilibrium model that matches the demand for energy with available resources and technologies. Its market-based simulation approach allows ENPEP-BALANCE to determine the response of various segments of the energy system to changes in energy prices and demand levels. The model relies on a decentralized decision-making process in the energy sector and can be calibrated to the different preferences of energy users and suppliers.

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