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Article 6 readiness refers to the ability of a Party to the Paris Agreement to take full advantage of international market-based cooperation in the context of the framework and mechanism established by Article 6.2 and Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement. The Article 6 Readiness Toolkit developed by the NDC Partnership and Perspectives Climate Research is designed for national Article 6 decision-makers and development partners to identify country-specific Article 6 readiness needs and priorities in order to better understand how they can be addressed.
The toolkit aims to enable users to define pathways for making strategic decisions about Article 6 engagement; identify existing capacities, resources, as well as requirements for capacity development; and to identify where requests for support are needed. The Toolkit also enables users to identify and better understand the interlinkages between Article 6 objectives and other critical areas of NDC implementation such as Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) systems.

The Article 6 Readiness Framework developed by the NDC Partnership and Climate Perspectives Research provides the analytical underpinning for the Toolkit. This conceptual framework presents a common terminology for key concepts and terms, outlining the critical building blocks with which countries need to engage in and benefit from Article 6. The building blocks of Article 6 readiness include: strategic considerations, legal foundations and governance, institutional arrangements, operational procedures, and infrastructure.

To use the Toolkit, users can download the Excel-based file and enter country-specific information into the adaptable worksheet. This information is used to identify the crucial aspects of Article 6 readiness necessary to support the improved understanding, determination, or refinement of needs related to Article 6 readiness and linkages at the country level. The Toolkit is also complemented by a User Guide. Currently available in English, additional translations of the Toolkit are forthcoming.

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