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The Paris Agreement saw 184 governments put forward 2030 pledges and targets to begin to cut carbon emissions to limit warming to the agreed goal of 1.5°C (called Nationally Determined Contributions or NDCs). These targets are not yet sufficient to reach this goal. At the moment they put the world on a path to approximately 2.4°C of warming.

In this project, Climate Analytics uses IPCC 1.5°C compatible pathways in combination with more recent lines of scientific evidence to show how a selection of 64 countries across all regions and the development spectrum can align their decarbonisation trajectories with the Paris Agreement, and live up to their promises to prevent dangerous climate change.

The explorer provides domestic emissions pathways required to keep to the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C temperature goal and their key characteristics for 64 countries. The analysis is framed around two timelines: the medium term (by 2030), and the long term (by mid-century). In addition to an economy-wide view, the webtool also includes 1.5°C compatible benchmarks for individual sectors. Sectors analysed here will include industry, forestry (LULUCF), buildings, transport, waste, and power.

The explorer shows emissions pathways and science-based sectoral policy benchmarks explicitly compatible with the Paris Agreement 1.5°C limit, to empower national decision makers in setting ambitious emissions reductions targets. It is also aimed at civil society and national interest groups to help inform the debate on driving climate action.

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