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How We Work

The NDC Partnership Supports Countries to Advance Their Climate Goals. Country ownership and the deployment of coordinated member support, based on country needs, are the foundation of the Partnership’s model.

We serve as a neutral broker. This neutrality generates trust and enables us to convene stakeholders and serve as an effective coordinator. Country members engage a broad base of decision makers, establishing ownership by committing to a whole-of-government, whole-of-society approach to mainstream climate as a driver for development. Countries set the scope of their climate and development plans, and the Partnership supports planning and implementation through a collective response among members and partners, using transparent frameworks for collaboration and coordination.


Developing Countries Supported

We actively support 90+ developing countries to plan, enhance and implement their NDCs, ensuring better, more efficient use of resources to advance their climate action.

The Partnership’s approach powers  a collective response in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


We Foster Sustained, Inclusive Dialogue for a Whole-Of-Society Approach By:

Enabling conversations within government across all sectors and at all levels

Creating and facilitating opportunities for exchange among members and partners regionally and globally

Facilitating participatory processes and multi-stakeholder convenings

Consulting community members, with attention to those often excluded from climate dialogue and the most climate vulnerable

Mainstreaming gender considerations and engaging youth in NDC planning and implementation

Involving the private sector in NDC planning and investment

We Engage the Whole of Society, Creating Entry Points for Dialogue and Input to the NDC Process

To achieve transformational change, countries must engage the whole of society. The NDC Partnership works across sectors, including environment and energy, agriculture and water resource management, planning, finance, healthcare, and more. By consulting with community members, with attention to those often excluded from climate dialogue and the most climate vulnerable, we support members’ efforts to engage disenfranchised and vulnerable populations, including women, youth, indigenous, agricultural and rural communities.

In addition, we work to mainstream gender considerations and engage youth in NDC planning and implementation, building off of our Gender Strategy and Youth Engagement Plan to integrate gender equality considerations and advance youth participation in climate action.

Learn more about the Partnership's youth work here and our gender work here.


To accelerate access to climate finance and catalyze our support to countries, we conduct targeted outreach to the private sector to inform NDC planning and investment.

Learn more about the Partnership's finance work here.
Regional Workshop: Advancing Article 6 Implementation in North and Sub-Saharan Francophone Africa


We Effectively Unite Around Country Priorities By:

  • Sharing countries’ needs for support regularly and in a practical, structured manner to inform alignment or resource allocation
  • Facilitating a coordinated response among a broad group of partners
  • Informing decision-making and alignment of resource allocation with countries’ climate and development priorities
  • Fostering alignment with long-term plan

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