Map of Fossil Fuels Extraction in Protected Areas

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This map shows fossil fuel extraction which is occurring in protect areas. This includes coal projects and oil and gas projects, as well as total potential CO2 emissions from impacted protected areas.

Use this map to explore the size and location of protected areas' fossil fuel extraction in your country. Country-level data may also be found in tabular form here. Click anywhere on the map to get the CO2 statistics for that country. Keep zooming in to see more detail about protected areas that are situated over oil, gas, and coal deposits. This map is scale dependent, with more generalized information showing when the map is most zoomed out.

Fossil fuel extraction in the world's protected areas poses multiple threats, from fueling the global climate crisis to the destruction of biologically and culturally important regions. Drilling and mining activities in these sensitive areas should be illegal in theory, but in practice it needs people to stand up and protect these places.