Framework for Vertical Integration of climate action in Sub-Saharan Africa

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This framework for vertical integration is designed to support an understanding of some of the practical and technical considerations for 'vertical integration' between national, subnational, and local governments. This Framework provides guidance to cities and other subnational governments, and their national counterparts on the areas of potential alignment and integration, and the opportunities that this might offer for supporting ambitious and effective climate change responses.

The Climate Action Plan (CAP) development process raised important questions around local powers and functions in relation to climate responses, and how to build strong relations between local and national governments in order to engage the emerging area of climate governance. This work therefore aims to:
- Provide an overarching framework to guide thinking on vertical integration opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa
- Highlight the different forms that vertical integration can take, from improving communication to alignment of processes to fully integrated systems, providing examples of solutions for each
- Identify potential mechanisms for facilitating improved communication and integration, specific to identified VI areas