Capacity-Building Initiative for Transparency (CBIT)

Climate Objective
Sectors and Themes
Forestry and Other Land Use
Oceans and Coasts
Type of Support Provider
Type of Recipient
Public entity at the national level
Fund Size

As of March 31, 2022 the CBIT project portfolio comprises 81 projects amounting to a total of $130.8 million and includes 75 individual country projects, one regional project that covers four countries, and five global projects. 

Co-financing Requirement
Application Timeframe

On a rolling basis.

Trustee or Administrator
Global Environment Facility (the CBIT Council)
Contact Information
East Asia and Pacific
Europe and Central Asia
Middle East and North Africa
South Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa

Under Paragraph 84 of the COP decision adopting the Paris Agreement, it was decided to establish “a Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency in order to build institutional and technical capacity, both pre- and post-2020”. Under the Global Environment Facility, the CBIT is proposed to support activities aligned with its aim at the national and regional/global levels.


The Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency (CBIT) will aim:

  • To strengthen national institutions for transparency-related activities in line with national priorities;
  • To provide relevant tools, training and assistance for meeting the provisions stipulated in Article 13 of the Agreement;
  • To assist in the improvement of transparency over time.

The GEF Secretariat will make a dedicated effort to enhance awareness about the CBIT and to encourage countries to access support, including through outreach activities in connection with UNFCCC meetings, GEF Extended Constituency Workshops, National Dialogues, GEF Introduction Seminars, workshops and meetings organized by relevant partner institutions, and other activities.

Support Provider

The Global Environment Facility (GEF)

Purpose of Support
Strengthening enabling environments and stakeholder capacity
Project and program implementation
Co-financing Requirement Details

Co-financing is required.

Funding Type
Organizational and Decision Making Structure

Proposals will be considered as per the established policies and procedures of the GEF, and the decision will be made by the GEF Council for the full-sized projects and by the GEF CEO for the medium-sized projects.

Eligibility Criteria

In line with the Paris Agreement and its decision, all developing country Parties will have access to the CBIT, upon request and according to the available resources.

Eligible Countries

All developing country Parties have access to the CBIT upon request.

Information on how to
Understand steps to access

All developing country Parties may make proposals that meet CBIT objectives to access CBIT resources. The CBIT will seek to fund a diversity of countries and regions, taking into account of each country’s capacity. Proposals for both full-sized projects and medium-sized projects, as per the established policies and procedures of the GEF, will be considered. Medium-sized projects can be submitted for CEO consideration on a rolling basis, consistent with regular processing modalities. Proposals will be prioritized based on demonstrated responsiveness to Paris Agreement transparency requirements under Article 13. Proposals will also be prioritized for those countries that are in most need of capacity-building assistance for transparency-related activities, in particular small island developing States (SIDs) and least developed countries (LDCs). Each country may request up to USD 100,000 for an optional capacity needs assessment. Countries will be requested to submit a proposal to the GEF Secretariat through GEF Partner Agency/Agencies, as per the established policies and procedures of the GEF. Engagement of national entities as execution partners will be strongly encouraged. Proposals should identify priorities to be addressed as well as robust justifications for the level of support requested. Submit strong proposal to CBIT and access support; Developing country parties; CEO; GEF Secretariat; GEF Partner Agencies