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Senegal submitted its first NDC in 2020. The NDC has an unconditional emissions reduction target of 7% and conditional target of 29% by 2030. The NDC covers mitigation actions related to the agriculture, forestry, energy, waste, and industrial processes sectors as well as adaptation measures related to ecosystems, climate risk reduction, and marine areas. The estimated overall cost of NDC implementation is USD 13 billion of which USD 8.7 billion is for mitigation and USD 4.3 billion is for adaptation.  


Timeline of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Document Submissions

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Climate Commitments

Partnership Engagement
  • Membership: member since 2020
  • Country Engagement: Since joining the Partnership, Senegal has requested support related to designing or improving policies, strategies, plans, and legislation; private sector engagement to implement NDCs; improving coordination and whole-of-society approach; designing or strengthening monitoring, evaluation, reporting, and verification (MRV systems); capacity building and knowledge products; and preparation of NDC-related projects and pipelines for investment. In addition, partners have recently expressed interest in supporting various activities including the development of a climate law, climate investment strategy, NDC project proposals and a gender strategy. For further information on the requests submitted by Senegal, including outstanding areas of support, please follow the links in the following section.  

Country Documents

Access the country specific documents relevant to NDC Partnership in‑country work below.

Key Contacts

Focal Point Ministries

  • Ministère de l'Environnement et du Développement Durable
  • Le Ministère de l'Economie, du Plan et de la de la Cooperation 

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