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In 2021, Uganda revised its NDC and developed a long-term strategy, through a coordinated effort for both processes. Through this work, Uganda extensively engaged national stakeholders, including parliamentarians, sub-national governments, civil society, sectors and women and youth to input to the NDC as well raise awareness of the NDC. The NDC Partnership supported Uganda's NDC revision through the CLiamte Action Enhancement Package with support from: IRENA, Red Cross Climate Centre, UNDP, GIZ, UN Environment and ICLEI. Before the NDC revision process had started, the NDC Partnership had been a long supporter of Uganda's climate action adn implementation efforts, having developed a Partnership Plan in early 2018 - the first in Africa. Through this plan, Partnership members have supported Uganda in: developing a policy and legal framework for climate action, built capacity amongst sector ministries and other national stakeholders, developed projects for funding from international sources, mainstreamed the NDC into national development plans and the national budgeting process, and supported the economic recovery planning in response to COVID-19. Moving forward, the NDC Partnership is supporting Uganda to update the Partnership Plan to the updated NDC and prioritize actions and projects in need of support from Partnership members.


Timeline of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Document Submissions

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Climate Commitments

Partnership Engagement
  • Membership: member since 2016
  • Governance: Uganda served as a country member to the NDC Partnership Steering Committee from 2019-2020. 

Country Documents

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Key Contacts

Focal Point Ministries

  • Ministry of Water and Environment
  • National Planning Authority (NPA) and Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development

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Uganda & UNDP

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