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South Africa's updated NDC sets ambitious targets to reduce emissions to a fixed target emission range of 420-314 MtCO2e by 2030, which is 32% lower than the original commitments set in 2015. The updated NDC also includes South Africa's adaptation communication, outlining priority actions, aligned with the 2020 National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy. The updated NDC outlines an approach for a just transition to achieve the NDC targets, ensuring that communities impacted by climate action and the shift to low emission development are also beneficiaries of the sweeping transformation implied in the NDC. The revision of the NDC was supported by South South North, pulling in national expertise from research institutions to conduct the analysis that fed into the new NDC targets. As part of implementation, Partnership members are supporting developing business cases for the Sector Jobs Resilience Plans in five key value chains: Tourism, Metals, Coal, Transport and Agriculture. The Partnership is also supporting the national electricity utiltiy, Eskom, to assess to socio-economic impacts of the shutdown and coal fired power stations nearing end of life. To further support implementation, the NDC Partnership is working closely with the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment to develop an implementation and investment plan for for the NDC, leveraging the ongoing work of other partners already supporting the national business community to put in place the plans and projects for implementation.


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