Global Infrastructure Facility

Climate Objective
Sectors and Themes
Industry and Infrastructure
Type of Support Provider
Type of Recipient
Public entity at the national level
Public entity at the sub-national level
Co-financing Requirement
Trustee or Administrator
G20, World Bank Group

The Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF) offers a range of design, preparation, appraisal, structuring, and transaction support products that assist client governments throughout all phases of the project cycle -- from earliest concept through to financial closing. 

Project Readiness Assessment Activity- This provides a standardized gateway-style support to client governments in assessing the current state and quality of preparation of an infrastructure program or project intended for private investment. 

Project Definition Activity- This enables governments to design and define an infrastructure project or program intended for private investment (pre-feasibility level analysis and early financial structuring) and plan for detailed preparation work. 

Project Preparation Structuring Activity- This supports governments in the detailed preparation and structuring of an infrastructure project or program to bring investment opportunities to market. The scope of such support can be flexible and comprehensive and continues to commercial or financial close. 

Support Provider

Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and the World Bank

Purpose of Support
Prepare Proposals, Projects and Pipelines
Funding Type
In-kind contributions
Organizational and Decision Making Structure

The GIF’s Governing Council oversees strategic direction, programming, financial management, as well as operational policies and procedures. It holds the GIF accountable for delivering on its objectives and abiding by its principles. It is comprised of funding, implementing, and beneficiary partner representatives and co-chaired by the World Bank and a funding partner.

Eligible Countries