Climate Change Fund

Climate Objective
Sectors and Themes
Disaster Risk Reduction
Forestry and Other Land Use
Industry and Infrastructure
Type of Support Provider
Type of Recipient
Public entity at the national level
Fund Size

$98 million

Co-financing Requirement
Application Timeframe

Contact ADB for more information.

Trustee or Administrator
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Contact Information

Fund Focal: Arghya Sinha Roy -aroy[at]

Fund Team: Sugar Gonzales - sgonzales[at]

East Asia and Pacific
Europe and Central Asia
South Asia

The Climate Change Fund (CCF) was established in May 2008 to facilitate greater investments in developing member countries (DMCs) to effectively address the causes and consequences of climate change, by strengthening support to low-carbon and climate-resilient development in DMCs. The fund focuses on three areas: (i) adaptation; (ii) clean energy development; and (iii) reduced emission from deforestation and degradation and improved land use management.

Support Provider

Asian Development Bank

Purpose of Support
Prepare Proposals, Projects and Pipelines
Project and program implementation
Funding Type
Monitoring and Reporting Procedures

Project implementation, supervision, and monitoring will be conducted by user departments following ADB’s standard policies, procedures, and guidelines.

Organizational and Decision Making Structure

ADB's Climate Change Steering Committee reviews all fund proposals.

Eligibility Criteria

The following types of activities may qualify for CCF support:

  • Preparation of relevant strategies or action plans for ADB, its regional departments, and DMCs;
  • Investment in climate change mitigation or adaptation measures;
  • Development of knowledge products and services related to climate change;
  • Facilitating knowledge management activities, including regional conferences and workshops; and
  • Funding to off-set ADB’s corporate carbon footprint.
Eligible Countries

All ADB developing member countries are eligible to receive support from the fund.

Information on how to
Understand steps to access

Contact ADB for more information.