Sustainable Consumption and Production Hotspots Analysis Tool (SCP-HAT)

Organization: UN Environment

This Sustainable Consumption and Production Hotspots Analysis Tool (SCP-HAT) identifies hot spot areas of unsustainable production and consumption in aims to support setting priorities regarding national SCP and climate policies. This tool provides users with three different modules, each pertaining to a different set of stakeholders. Module 1, titled Country Profile, provides policy makers, NGOs, and the general public the key information necessary to understand the country’s environmental performance in relation to the most relevant policy sectors. Module 2, titled SCP hotspots, can be utilized by policy advisers and researchers to analyze hotspots of unsustainable consumption and production. Module 3 is called the National Data System and can be used by technical experts, such as statisticians, to input their own data and receive more tailored results as an output, in return.

Resources Provided: Expert Support, Tools
Membership Requirement: No
Region: Global
Languages: English
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