Verified Carbon Standard Methodologies

Developer or Source: Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

Methodologies are technical documents used by project developers to quantify the GHG benefits of different project types. They also set out requirements for project developers to determine project boundaries, set baselines and assess additionality. All methodologies set out criteria to determine whether a particular project is eligible to apply the methodology. Projects registering with VCS can use approved VCS methodologies, any methodology approved under the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism, and methodologies developed by the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) with the exception of their forest protocols.

Region: Global
Sectors and Topics: Agriculture, Energy Efficiency, Forestry and Land Use, Infrastructure and Industry, Transport, Waste Management
Scale: National, Project-Level
Expertise Level: Practitioner
Resource Type: Analysis Tools
Cost: No
Inputs Needed: Inputs are dependent on the methodology used
Outputs Provided: GHG emissions inventory
Languages: English
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