Job and Economic Development Impact (JEDI) Model

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Methodology by NREL

Limitations of JEDI Models by NREL

Interpreting Results by NREL

Inputs Needed
Location of the potential project
The population of the area in consideration
The year of construction for the potential project
The system type
System size (DC nameplate capacity in kW)
Base installed system cost ($/kWh)
Annual direct O&M cost ($/kW)
Outputs Provided
Project construction or installation cost and the associated local spending amount
Direct O&M costs and associated local spending amount
Other annual costs
Debt payments and property taxes
Local economic impacts on jobs and earnings
Developer or Source
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

The Jobs and Economic Development Impact (JEDI) models are user-friendly tools that estimate the economic impacts of constructing and operating power generation and biofuel plants at the local and state levels. It can be used to understand the jobs and economic impact of biofuels, coal, concentrating solar power, geothermal, marine and hydrokinetic power, natural gas, and photovoltaic power plants. It is an input-output model.

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