Integrated Model to Access the Global Environment (IMAGE)

Expertise Level
Resource Type
Analysis Tools
Inputs Needed
Economic development
Technology change
Energy use and supply
Food consumption and supply
Outputs Provided
Energy use, conversion, and supply
Agricultural production, land cover and land use
Nutrient cycles in natural and agricultural systems
Emissions to air and surface water
Carbon stocks in biomass pools, soils, atmosphere and oceans
Atmospheric emissions of GHG and air pollutants
Concentration of GHG in the atmosphere
Changes in temperature and precipitation
Sea level rise
Water use for irrigation
Developer or Source
PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

IMAGE is an ecological-environmental model framework that simulates the environmental consequences of human activities worldwide. It represents interactions between society, the biosphere and the climate system to assess sustainability issues such as climate change, biodiversity and human well-being. The objective of the IMAGE model is to explore the long-term dynamics and impacts of global changes that result from interacting demographic, technological, economic, social, cultural and political factors.

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