Training Manual on Gender and Climate Change

The Training Manual on Gender and Climate Change provides all actors with the essential knowledge and concrete guidance on how their actions on climate change can better answer the needs of women and men in developing countries. The document consists of seven modules, including (1) Gender and gender mainstreaming, (2) International law instruments as a framework for mainstreaming gender in climate change, (3) Overview of gender issues and climate change, (4) Gender mainstreaming in adaptation efforts, (5) Gender-sensitive strategies for mitigation actions, (6) Gender-sensitive strategies on technology development and transfer to support actions on mitigation and adaptation, (7) Gender mainstreaming in climate change financing mechanisms.

Region: Global
Sectors and Topics: Gender
Scale: National, Sub-national, Project-Level
Expertise Level: Practitioner
Resource Type: Guidance and Frameworks
Inputs Needed: N/A
Outputs Provided: Greater understanding of gender mainstreaming international law instruments for mainstreaming gender in climate mitigation and adaptation efforts technology development and climate finance
Languages: English
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