Hard Choices Integrated Approaches: A Guidance Note on Climate Change Financing Frameworks

This Guidance Note serves as an introductory guide for stakeholders on how to create or refine a Climate Change Financing Framework (CCFF), a strategic, whole-of-government plan to better manage, mobilize and target climate finance. The process and work flows associated with a CCFF serve to align a country’s climate policy framework with its budget process and to integrate climate finance into its existing public economic and financial management systems. Guidance and practical tips throughout the note are tailored along the lines of the key stakeholders; including climate change policy bodies, ministries of finance, ministries of planning and investment, line ministries and investment agencies, and accountability actors, allowing the reader to follow the process and workflows most relevant to their institution.

Region: Global
Scale: National, Sub-national
Expertise Level: Practitioner, Specialist
Resource Type: Guidance and Frameworks
Cost: No
Languages: English
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