COVID-19 Data Futures Platform

Organization: UNDP

As technical lead of the socio-economic response, UNDP brings together this Covid-19 Data Futures Platform. The platform is a collection of data, analysis, visualizations, insights, and interactive tools that can support the analysis of strategic policy questions in the five areas of Policies and Programmes, in alignment with the ‘UN framework for the immediate socio-economic response to Covid-19’ – Health First, Protect People, Economic Recovery, Macro Response and Social Cohesion. Data is integrated from various trusted sources, including data collected by or supported by UNDP and other UN Agencies, Governments, and development partners. The platform will also feature existing dashboards, integrating indicators, insights, and knowledge products.

Resources Provided: Tools
Membership Requirement: No
Region: Global
Sectors and Topics: Economic Recovery, Health, Poverty
Languages: English
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