A New Center to Catalyze Climate Finance

A New Centre to Catalyze Climate Finance

The effects of climate change are far-reaching and interconnected. Transformational change is needed to cut emissions and adapt to a changing climate, while meeting development needs. Yet, insufficient access to climate finance and an international system that remains complex and disjointed prevents developing countries from delivering climate action at speed and scale.  

To address these challenges, the NDC Partnership and the Government of the United Kingdom are establishing a centre to catalyze systemic change, which will generate and streamline solutions for climate vulnerable countries and enable critical low-emission and climate-resilient development.  

Andrew Mitchell, International Development Minister of the United Kingdom said: "It is critical that climate finance is accessible to developing countries, which often face the greatest risks from climate change. The UK is proud to launch a new centre, hosted by the NDC Partnership, to support this goal. The centre will galvanise our collective efforts to make climate finance accessible and aligned with the needs and priorities of developing countries."

The newly launched centre will build on collaboration between the Taskforce on Access to Climate Finance and the NDC Partnership. The NDC Partnership Support Unit will host the new centre, working directly with the Partnership’s network of more than 200 members. The Support Unit will also serve as an independent secretariat to the Taskforce, which will continue to foster collaboration among developing countries and climate finance providers to spur innovation and transformative systems change.

Three Areas of Focus

The centre will focus on three complementary areas of action: knowledge sharing, system thinking, and outreach. Activities will draw on the evidence base established through the Taskforce and build on the NDC Partnership’s existing work to improve access to finance for climate action.

  • Knowledge sharing. The centre will consolidate expertise from climate vulnerable developing countries, climate finance providers, and subject matter experts. It will facilitate peer exchanges between countries and two-way knowledge exchanges between climate finance providers and recipients.  
  • System thinking. The centre will influence systems thinking and identify targeted actions to create a more effective international climate finance system. This work will be informed by the broader climate finance literature and evidence from ongoing efforts to improve access to finance in climate vulnerable developing countries.  
  • Outreach. The centre will engage with countries and institutions to inspire positive action and stronger coordination, building on the NDC Partnership’s wider engagement with its members, relevant strategic initiatives, and major climate finance providers.  
Learn More About the Taskforce on Access to Climate Finance

The Taskforce on Access to Climate Finance is a collaboration between climate vulnerable developing countries and climate finance providers. It is currently co-chaired by the United Kingdom and Rwanda. The Taskforce is supporting country-led trials in seven developing countries, with representation from Least Developed Countries and Small Island Developing States, to identify and implement solutions to improve access to climate finance. These trials are working towards a coordinated and longer-term approach to climate finance, which is aligned with national priorities. The centre will work closely with these countries to share knowledge and mainstream solutions.