Enhancing Capacity for Low Emission Development Strategies (EC-LEDS)

Organization: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Enhancing Capacity for Low Emission Development Strategies (EC-LEDS) is a flagship program of the U.S. Global Climate Change Initiative. Through the EC-LEDS program, the U.S. supports more than 20 partner countries in the design and implementation of low emission development strategies (LEDS). The EC-LEDS program builds on existing country programs, plans, and policies, providing targeted technical assistance that supports the unique national development goals of each partner. For the EC-LEDS program, is building a shared knowledge base on LEDS is an ongoing effort focused on: leveraging efforts of the LEDS Global Partnership, developing and maintaining a LEDS Gateway, which provides access to more than 1,500 tools, programs, and resources, and providing a platform for shared experiences and best practices among countries developing and implementing LEDS. On its website, the EC-LEDS program also provides a range of tools and toolkits to help countries create and implement low emission development strategy (LEDS) and publications for outreach and education.

Resources Provided: Expert Support, Tools
Membership Requirement: No
Region: Global
Languages: English
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